Prog Moment of the Now: Yes: Close to the Edge


As you can see, I’ve now decided to start using the Transmissions From Space blog as the new vehicle for my regular Prog Moment of the Now posts instead of Facebook by itself.  I feel this would be a better way for us to reach our fans, and to express my supreme geekiness for the more cerebral end of rock music.

Anyways, in my first blog based PMOTN, in honour of the nearing arrival of Yes in our hometown of Victoria, here’s their (IMO) finest lineup playing one of prog’s greatest side-long epics.  They’re playing this on their current tour, along with the rest of the Close To The Edge album in entirety.  They will also be playing The Yes Album and Going For The One in their entireties.  So looking forward to this. 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Adam.

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