Prog Moment of the Now: Pink Floyd – Live 8 (10th Anniversary)

Ten years ago to this day, I remember watching the Live 8 concert pretty much for the entire day.  The whole thing was an extraordinary occasion, and for me, very special as it marked the historic reunion of Pink Floyd in their classic lineup.  It was to be the first time in 24 years that David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Richard Wright and ex-member Roger Waters all performed together live, and as short time would sadly prove, the final occasion that they would all do so.

I watched most of the concert on TV, which mostly was focusing on the Canadian Live 8 concert in Barrie that day, with clips of the other seven concerts interspersed in between sets.  But for me and millions of other Floyd fans, all eyes were on London that day, so eventually I switched over to just watching the Hyde Park concert live stream on AOL as time approached for favourite band to take the stage so I could watch their whole 30 minute set in full as it happened (I had no interest in listening to Motley Crue in Barrie while Pink Floyd played on in Hyde Park.)
Like Queen did 20 years before at the original Live Aid, Pink Floyd was the band that stole the show.  They were the only band not to receive an introduction from any celebrities or comedians that day; the heartbeat from Speak To Me was all the audience needed to hear to know what was about to happen. They let the music speak for itself.
I will now do the same and let the music speak for itself.

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