Prog Moment of the Now: King Crimson – Pictures of a City


You may recall back when I was doing these prog moments on our Facebook page, King Crimson was a pretty regularly featured band.  As such, that habit will probably carry over here to the blog version.

I was listening to In The Wake Of Poseidon last night on vinyl.  It was a strange sophomore album as it featured a lineup of only Robert Fripp on guitar (and now picking up Ian McDonald’s mellotron duties) and non-performing lyricist, Peter Sinfield.  Because of this, the album was performed with a collection of ex-band members and future members playing as sidemen (Greg Lake, who left to start ELP, had to be pleaded with to sing on the album, and acquired the King Crimson PA system in return).

Poseidon gets a bit of flack for sounding extremely similar to the first album (the example I’m showing being analogous to Schizoid Man), and that does make a great deal of sense.  Nevertheless, I still love this album.

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