Prog moment: holy crap, new Pink Floyd album!!!!!!


So, I think it’s fair to say that the recent news of a new forthcoming album from Pink Floyd was something I was never expecting to happen in my adulthood.  I knew that the material for the new album (called The Endless River and due in October) had existed for a long time and they spoke on and off about maybe putting it out someday (i.e. bonus tracks or something), but I was left pretty speechless when I learned it was getting a release finally, and it was going to be fleshed out into a proper album.
The album will be made up of jam sessions that took place while writing The Division Bell in 1994 (a brilliant and overly maligned album, if you ask me.  I’m actually quite fond of the post-Roger Waters version of the Floyd.)  David Gilmour and Nick Mason have since been developing the material in secret, adding lyrics and vocals to at least some of the tracks.  Polly Samson (lyricist, aka Mrs. Gilmour) is calling the album a swansong for keyboardist Richard Wright.
What can we expect from this album?  Hard to say at this point, but they’ve mentioned it will be largely ambient and instrumental, and I would imagine similar in nature to The Division Bell.  I stumbled across an old Youtube video a few days ago of some brief outtakes from those sessions (of course, with the news of the new album, this video seems to have mysteriously disappeared.  Hmmm…)  I recall that it had bits that sounded like things that went on Division Bell, specifically Wearing The Inside Out.  One piece sounded like vaguely like What Do You Want From Me, while sounding like it could have found a home on Rick Wright’s Wet Dream album.  There’s this one rock instrumental that I really hope becomes part of the new album that strikes as Run Like Hell flavoured, but would stand alone as a great Pink Floyd instrumental.
As mentioned, the bootleg I heard is now nowhere to be found, but if this is what we can expect for The Endless River, I think this is going to be an incredible album, and I’m very excited about all of this.

Long live the Floyd!

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