SPUcats #1: TaylorKat

Sup.We've been looking for pictures of cats on the internet that resemble members of the band (these are the odd things we do when sitting at a cafe together - lol).We'll begin with our erstwhile drummer, Mr. Taylor Charles. The ginger-haired wearer of many hats, including a green toque (oddly, not shown in this photo, [...]

Storm Thorgerson 1944-2013

Last month, legendary graphic designer Storm Thorgerson passed away after a lengthly bout of cancer at the age of 69.  Storm is responsible for many of the most groundbreaking and timeless album covers in the history of rock music.  Most people know him from his extensive work with Pink Floyd, designing all but three of [...]

Song of the year, baby!!!!!

Greetings,We are extremely proud to announce that our song Fueled By Consequence has won the award for Song of the Year at the Vancouver Island Music Awards.  This was our third consecutive year to be nominated at the VIMAs, and this is our very first win.  We're honoured just to have been nominated amongst all [...]

Some Kind Words…

Spaceport Union - Flirting with the QueenHey everybody.Hope you are having a great day! 🙂 Just wanted to share with you this really awesome review we received recently for our album, 'Flirting With The Queen.'  It can be found here on the Coastal Spectator website.Many thanks to Yasuko Thanh for your very kind words. Adam.

….and More Nods!!!

Hey everybody.Exciting News! We've received some exciting nominations for the 2013 Vancouver Island Music Awards.  This is the third year in a row that we've received nods for some awards and we feel so blessed to be included in this wonderful event!This year, our song, 'Fueled By Consequence' is up for Island Song Of The [...]

Darth Blackone’s Transformation

Hey guys.After eight fantastic years in its original form, traveling the country with me time and time again, and being my main electric guitar for all this time (and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future,) my long serving black Fender Stratocaster, lovingly dubbed Darth Blackone, recently experienced its first major customization recently, [...]

Artificial Intelligence Project

Hey guys.Everybody say hello to I.V.O.R., a little extracurricular project that we unveilled last month at our show at Felicita's, shortly before Halloween. I.V.O.R. would stare into your soul, except that he can't see very well. In the Research and Development department of SPU Laboratories, we were faced with a question that has puzzled scientists [...]


Hey there, everyone!We've just returned from an awesome week up in Wells, BC, celebrating their annual ArtsWells festival, a large gathering of musicians and artists in various media that happens every year in this small town outside of Revelstoke.  This is my third time at this festival, and it was amazing as usual. This year, [...]

Radio waves and launch base log

Hey everybody.We're all very excited that this week we received radio airplay in the UK for the first time!  Our good friends over at Cuillen FM on the Isle of Skye, Scotland have been kind enough to play some selections from our new album Flirting With The Queen on their program Strangely Strange and the [...]

Launchpad Communication – Spring 2012

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to post a note to update you with what's happening in the spaceport.  We've been super busy the past few months and whoa, it's crazy how time flies!  We're less than 2 months away from our album release and still so much to get done!We've been planning a summer tour through [...]