Prog moment: Proud Peasant

Greetings.For my next prog moment, I've decided to take a bit of a dip into some more uncharted territory, rather than my more familiar ground within the works of King Crimson, Genesis, the Floyd, etc.  For this, my trek takes me down to Austin, Texas, where their scene of eclectic music seems to be alive [...]

The Entity

Greetings,Today, I would like to share with you a short bit from one of my favourite comedies, 1989's UHF:I don't think I'd be a proper fan of this film if I didn't actually attempt to recreate this culinary monstrosity.  The only snag I hit in actually assembling this is that I couldn't find any of [...]

SPUkats #2: AaronKat/NyanAaron

Hey.More cats that look like us.Here's our humble bassist Mr. Aaron St. Arnault.He drives limos when he's not playing bass, so we figured tuxedo cat sounded right.Couldn't think of a LOLcat equivalent, so I transmogrophied him into another beloved internet gag.His shirt usually looks like a pop tart anyways.Adam.