Flirting with the Queen

Spaceport Union

Record Details

Progressive Art Rock


  1. Simple Lack of Motivation -:-- / 4:44
  2. The Writing is on the Wall -:-- / 6:43
  3. Minnow -:-- / 14:08
  4. Yer Battery’s Dyin’ -:-- / 8:54
  5. Block -:-- / 6:31
  6. You -:-- / 4:23
  7. Fueled by Consequence -:-- / 3:29
  8. Veritas -:-- / 6:17
  9. For Years -:-- / 4:43

“‘Flirting with the Queen’ is a triumph that will win the hearts and minds of all who hear it and for progressive fans it is an absolute must.” – Sonic Abuse (UK)

“Flirting with the Queen…each song carries its own musical flavor, and they all taste delightful…top notch..Spaceport Union sound as if they’ve been doing this for a long time, and the overall feel of the album as a whole comes off as complete and substantial…truly some great music here…” – M. Gagne (Freelance/Allmusic)

“‘Minnow’ is a modern prog classic in the making…” – M.Anthony (UberRock UK)

Spaceport Union is thrilled to announce the release of their debut full-length album, ‘Flirting with the Queen’. This album has been a labour of love for the band and it shows – with a lush sound reminiscent of Radiohead’s, OK Computer and Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Moon, and a collection of songs that are epic in both sound and scope. Heavily influenced by classic progressive and art rock bands like Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, King Crimson, Soft Machine and The Alan Parsons Project, the band have created an homage to their love of creative, well-crafted music with an avant-garde edge.

Produced by Michael Jack
Recorded by Michael Jack @ Phase One Audio Group
and Dynamic Drive Studios, Toronto, Ont.
Phase One assistant: Mike Ho.
“Fueled By Consequence” and “Block” recorded by Steven Klipper
@ Runway Studios, Victoria B.C.
Preproduction @ The Lilac House, Sooke, B.C. Special thanks to Gail Harris.
All songs edited and mixed by Michael Jack @ the Radio Room, Barrie, Ont.

c. all rights reserved