Prog Moment of the Now: RIP Chris Rainbow

This week I've got one of APP's later classics from Vulture Culture in honour of Chris Rainbow, who sadly passed away last week at the age of 68.  Many singers passed through the Alan Parsons Project over their career, as per their structure, but Chris's work with the band was among the more enduring, both [...]

Magic under construction

Greetings.Well, after a week of driving Cherry DeMille (our cherry red van) from Victoria all the way to Toronto, we are back in Phase One studio making our second studio album, once again being produced by our good friend, Michael Jack who produced 'Flirting With The Queen' a few years back.Brace yourselves...we have some amazing music [...]

Prog moment: Proud Peasant

Greetings.For my next prog moment, I've decided to take a bit of a dip into some more uncharted territory, rather than my more familiar ground within the works of King Crimson, Genesis, the Floyd, etc.  For this, my trek takes me down to Austin, Texas, where their scene of eclectic music seems to be alive [...]

The Entity

Greetings,Today, I would like to share with you a short bit from one of my favourite comedies, 1989's UHF:I don't think I'd be a proper fan of this film if I didn't actually attempt to recreate this culinary monstrosity.  The only snag I hit in actually assembling this is that I couldn't find any of [...]