“Quite simply ‘Flirting with the Queen’ is a triumph that will win the hearts and minds of all who hear it, and for progressive fans, it is an absolute must.”

– Sonic Abuse (UK)

Who we are

Eccentric rockers and intergalactic citizens, Spaceport Union, will take you on an aural journey across time and space with their adventurous and epic brand of progressive art rock. Let yourself defy gravity as you are drawn into celestial planes diffused with experimental instrumentation and novel sound ideas.

With a blazing, magical sound that will take you on a journey to the outer stratosphere and back, Spaceport Union’s engaging live shows are a testament to their adventurous spirit as they explore the boundaries of rock.


Sheer brilliance…awe inspiring, perhaps, the word for every performance…

– D.Jackson (BandNight)