Artificial Intelligence Project

Hey guys.

Everybody say hello to I.V.O.R., a little extracurricular project that we unveilled last month at our show at Felicita’s, shortly before Halloween.

I.V.O.R. would stare into your soul, except that he can’t see very well.

In the Research and Development department of SPU Laboratories, we were faced with a question that has puzzled scientists for years: can a rock band build a robot?  Apparently, yes.  I.V.O.R. is the product of our journey to this question.

I.V.O.R. (not an acronym, just thought the periods looked cool) has no practical purpose really.  Though sentient, he runs on obsolete Mac software (his voice being “Simpletext Fred”, the same voice from Radiohead’s Fitter Happier), his arms are flappy and unpowered (installed as an afterthought), and his antenna only picks up satellite radio, only audible to himself.  Despite not being applicable to any practical means, I.V.O.R. is not worried by any of this, since we programmed him not to get offended by anything.  In retrospect, this was probably the wisest decision we made in our endeavour.

During our Felicita’s show, he was revealed to all when he came out dancing in the audience during our song ‘My Favourite Nightmare’.  It was an awesome show, and we could tell I.V.O.R. had fun, even though he thought he was dancing to a Peter Cetera song (again, satellite radio in his head.  All day, every day.)

 Unfortunately, not quite as portable as our amps and keyboards.  He didn’t seem to mind this.

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