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Permanent Frequency

‘Permanent Frequency’ is a labour of love by Spaceport Union and supported by fans. We are thankful for the contributions of so many to help us get this album made. Produced by Michael Jack Recorded at Phase One Studios (Studio A) Engineered by Michael Jack Assistant Engineer: Matt Snell Acoustic guitar and keyboard for ‘Eterne’ […]



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Press Reviews

“‘Minnow’ is a modern prog classic in the making…”

– M. Anthony (UberRock UK)

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“There are a number of bands and artists that can stake a claim to be able to genuinely reinvent what progressive music is all about; with ‘Flirting with the Queen’, Spaceport Union have proven themselves to be more than worthy contenders.”

– D.Pedley (Fireworks Magazine UK)

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“… a creative band destined for greatness… “

– King Minion Music Podcast

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“Quite simply ‘Flirting with the Queen’ is a triumph that will win the hearts and minds of all who hear it and for progressive fans it is an absolute must.”

– Sonic Abuse UK

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“The word ‘eclectic’ is overused, but is fully merited here, reflecting idiosyncratic instrument choice, and some quite astonishing and varied sounds and compositions. Rarely has an album surprised me so much as it has developed…‘Flirting with the Queen’ is highly recommended… It’s a fine, fine debut album from a talented and creative outfit.”

– UberRock UK

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“…a marked degree and balance of genius, discipline and restraint…For fans of unique and powerful music, look no further, Spaceport Union is genius. Their debut album is nothing short of a revelation – it shows that rock music can be both powerful and intelligent.”

– Jamsphere
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“Just some of the other records passing under the portcullis of Prog Towers recently … Spaceport Union’s ‘Flirting With The Queen’ is a charmingly bright, poppy prog work. Adam Basterfield’s Canadian band evoke Supertramp, David Byrne even Radiohead, and Caroline Spence’s falsetto brings rich colour to a highly enjoyable set.”

– Classic Rock Prog Magazine – UK

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“With bands like Metric, City and Colour, Stars, Mother Mother, Joel Plaskett, The New Pornographers, it seems that in Canada, a certain ‘niche’ group of artists continue to pursue the musical dream and while doing so are producing some of the best songs we have ever heard. Spaceport Union is one of those bands…”

– King Minion Music Podcast

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“Victoria’s Spaceport Union describe themselves as a progressive art rock band, but if you think that means they play retro 70′s dinosaur music then you are very mistaken. Their music is, in fact, fresh and contemporary, and they take the term “progressive” in its literal sense…”

– M.A. Brennan (Interview/VictoriaMusicScene.com)

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“Sheer brilliance…awe inspiring, perhaps, the word for every performance…”

– D.Jackson (BandNight)